Why MaskRack™?

😷 Mask-life is the new normal for the foreseeable future: Covid19 is likely to influence our lives until at least 2022

😷 A recent study by McKinsey shows that most Americans will still be wearing masks nine months from now, even if infection rates are lower

😷 The former U.S. Surgeon General also says Covid isn’t going away before 2022


✅ N95 Filter Slots

The only organizer to offer stand-up N95 filter holder slots built into the design of our devices. Stay clean and stay organized with MaskRack™.

✅ Easy Install

MaskRack™ easily goes up on your wall with included heavy duty mounting tape, or included screws for heavier loads.

✅ Face Shield Ready

On the left side of each of our devices is a larger inverse nodule specifically designed to hold larger face shields, baseball caps, multi-bands, and more.